Building a Career of Purpose & Passion

Serial digital entrepreneur Toby Stewart believes that the most significant societal changes come from the alignment of passion and purpose. On his video podcast, P/squared, he engages with innovators, change-makers, and thought-leaders who are on a mission to trigger positive change in the world. P/squared explores personal stories, sharing lessons and empowering others to discover and follow their own passion and purpose. I was honored to be a guest on his program in November 2019. Here is the full interview.

The Power of Informational Interviewing

In this video, I describe a tool I once used to help me navigate a career transition. I conducted dozens of “Informational Interviews” with people working in fields that I was interested in pursuing. It’s a tool that can be applied to just about anything.

3 books that profoundly shifted my perspective

Three books that shifted my perspective on life – and not just pitching for investment. The first opened my eyes to a culture I thought I knew more about; the second, on how to focus in a distracted world; and the third, to a new understanding of “success” and how our weaknesses, in the right context, can actually become our biggest strengths.

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