Public speaking is a skill anyone can master.

People assume I’ve always been comfortable presenting to an audience. They think I’m a natural. But nothing could be further from the truth. When I was young, I was painfully shy. I almost developed an ulcer because I was so worried about public speaking. My sister...

Murder Your Darlings

When creating your pitch, be ruthless. Remove any element that doesn’t serve your story. Even those you love.

What’s distracting from your message coming across?

How we think we influence people, and how we actually influence them, is very different. We assume WHAT we say is most important. To have impact, what’s said must align with HOW. Only 7% of what people absorb is due to what is said. 38% is voice tone. 55% is body...

What Dance Taught Me

Dance has been my greatest pitch teacher. When I first started taking Salsa lessons, I was really bad at it. I’d played soccer in my 20s, so moved like a Jock. I was stiff. I lacked flow and grace. But I loved the music and watching how beautifully other people moved....

How to Grab Attention

In this video, I will talk you through 5 powerful approaches that ensure you can immediately grab your audience’s attention.

Attention is the only currency that matters.

It takes 10 to 30 seconds for people to decide whether you’re worth listening to…or not. That’s face-to-face. Online it’s much less. This is important. Today, there’s so much competition for the eyes and ears, hearts and minds of your market, that attention is the...

The Problem with European Modesty

Europeans have a major pitching handicap – modesty. To attract the right investor, you need to highlight your value, clearly and quickly or you’ll be ignored. To do so, you must break your cultural programming and accept wholeheartedly that you have something of value to offer..

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