Bring data to life in your pitch with a good story

How do you take information that’s specialised, complex and often emotionally dry and bring it to life for a non-technical audience? It’s a common challenge for my clients, many of whom work in science and tech and seek investment from people far removed from their...

Be Heard Episode #04: Milan Samani | CEO @ TIL Ventures

Milan Samani is the CEO of TIL Ventures, who work with governments, multi-lateral development banks and 30 of the Fortune100 companies to build venture accelerators, develop market creation capabilities and drive intrapreneurial innovation.

The words you choose when presenting matter.

The words you choose when presenting matter. Most don’t realise the damage they can inadvertently do to their cause by using the wrong words. Investors fund you based on your ability to execute. They need to know you have a relentless resourcefulness to bring your...

Public speaking is a skill anyone can master.

People assume I’ve always been comfortable presenting to an audience. They think I’m a natural. But nothing could be further from the truth. When I was young, I was painfully shy. I almost developed an ulcer because I was so worried about public speaking. My sister...

Murder Your Darlings

When creating your pitch, be ruthless. Remove any element that doesn’t serve your story. Even those you love.

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