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How do you take information that’s specialised, complex and often emotionally dry and bring it to life for a non-technical audience?

It’s a common challenge for my clients, many of whom work in science and tech and seek investment from people far removed from their field.

Facts are important, but to connect people to your cause, so they’re sucked in and moved by it, you need a vehicle with the power to pull them into your world.

That vehicle is a good story.

From an early age we fall in love with stories and learn to process important information through them.

And because we’re built to respond to stories, they’re perfect for bringing complex information to life, so that people can access it, understand it and be captivated by it.

Great stories place your audience into the reality of the problem you’re solving, so they can experience it and it becomes real for them too.

You want them to get emotionally invested and stories are where the emotive power lies.

You see it in children. Tell them a good story and they light up. Their eyes go wide. Their eyebrows go up. They’ve got a smile on their face.

They’re fascinated. Mesmerised.

Isn’t that the response you want to create in your audience?

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