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The words you choose when presenting matter.

Most don’t realise the damage they can inadvertently do to their cause by using the wrong words.

Investors fund you based on your ability to execute.

They need to know you have a relentless resourcefulness to bring your vision to fruition. That you don’t doubt yourself and that you’re not going to give up.

Common phrases like ‘we’re hoping,’ ‘we’re trying,’ or ‘we think,’ tell the investor the exact opposite.

This is scientifically proven.

In his book, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Eric Barker outlines the results of a study that tracked how we are perceived by others.

Self-doubt or hesitance doesn’t just betray your confidence. It indicates your incompetence to the observer.

To ensure you avoid this trap, you must show up as overconfident. Substitute ‘we hope’ with ‘we expect’. Replace ‘we think’, with ‘we intend’.

Intention and expectation are declarative that you will make it happen.

Barker’s research demonstrates that when you show complete confidence, it increases your chances of persuading your audience by over 50%.

From now on, put emphasis on the words you choose.

Everything you do and say should be in the interest of taking command and control of the room and showing yourself in the best light.

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