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People ask how I can give the same presentation over and over?

“Doesn’t it get boring?” they say.

“Honestly,” I reply, “it’s the opposite of boring.”

Here’s why.

No matter how many times I present my process, I know it’s the first time my audience will experience it.

Each time is a new opportunity to empower remarkable people to raise money quickly and change people’s lives by bringing their products and services to market faster.

I’ve seen the transformational quality of my approach and get excited about the prospect of what it’ll do for each new audience.

That’s the opportunity I’ve been given. To give people the tools and techniques needed to sell themselves with power and impact.

People leave able to quickly articulate the value of who they are and what they do.

From that moment on, no matter who they’re talking to, they can achieve the impact they want.

Before, they might have been frustrated for years, sometimes decades, unable to clearly explain their work and why it matters.

That’s what I can do. But I couldn’t do it, with the wrong mindset.

The mindset you bring is critical. It sets the stage for how you act, the message you convey and the way it’s received.

When what you say is congruent with how you act and how you feel, your audience hangs on every word.

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