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Feeling nervous in front of an audience is perfectly natural. In fact, it’s in your DNA.

In prehistory, when society was organised into tribes, there were 3 times when all eyes were on you.

  1. When you were cast out.
  2. When you were put to death.
  3. When you were in charge.

You’ll agree, feeling fearful or threatened was perfectly reasonable.

That fear of scrutiny became embedded in our genetic make-up and in the 10,000 years since, our DNA remains much the same.

But, while the fear remains, the circumstances have changed. Although it can feel so, public speaking isn’t life threatening.

Certainly, you could make a fool of yourself, but the chances are actually very low.

People come because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say. They want you to do well.

The better you do, the more they learn and the more their lives are enhanced.

And isn’t that why you’re there? To share information that enhances their lives. That inspires them to take positive action.

Accepting this is the key to releasing yourself from the fear. Instead of looking inward, look outward.

Focus on your audience. Ground yourself in your purpose.

See the opportunity for what it is. A chance to share your passion and help others benefit from its value.

When they see it, hear it and feel it, they will own it.

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