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We need new thinking.

Thinking that helps us tap our full potential and empowers us to lead healthier, more fruitful lives.

Thinking that enables us to organise ourselves as a global community so that we can innovate new approaches to the challenges we face as a planet.

It can sometimes feel like we’re not making much progress, but in my work, I see this new thinking activated daily.

What’s refreshing is where that thinking is coming from. Young innovators who bring fresh perspectives and elegant solutions to old problems.

Every generation talks about young people being the hope for the future and today is no different.

What’s different is technology is giving them a voice and empowering them to deliver on this promise.

It’s helping them to organise, to communicate and collaborate.

They are not tied to traditional concepts and constructs about age and experience.

They are not hamstrung by what can’t be done. They are driven by what can.

As momentum increases, we’re seeing a snowball effect that’s giving them greater confidence and influence.

This is not to minimise the importance of experience.

More, it is a recognition of the value both youth and experience can create together.

It’s important that we continue to encourage our youth to flourish and support them to be successful.

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