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What are the most important factors for tech founders to consider when they pitch for investment?

First, do your research. Know who you’re talking to and what they’ve invested in before. What’s the desired outcome of your pitch – are you looking for money, or are you also looking for mentoring and other resources?

Grab their attention! You only have 10 to 30 seconds for people to decide whether you’re worth listening to, or not. Open with shocking visuals or statistics, a dramatic surprise or an emotional story that makes them relate.

Tell your story through the problem. Why is your solution better? Why now? Why you? Think about the 3 T’s – Team, Technology and Traction. How will you make money? What’s your ASK? Know the 10 to 12 slides you need to have in your deck.

How you say it matters. Your key messages will come across more clearly when your voice tone and body language are aligned with what you’re saying. Remember, YOU are the focus of your pitch, not your slides. Your slides are just there to support you.

The more simply you communicate your technology, the more likely they are to understand the value, and get excited about what you’re doing. This is harder than it sounds. Get it right, and you’ll get the meeting and the funding you desire and deserve.

This article was originally published in the Home Grown newspaper’s “Ask Cedric” column in June 2019.

Home Grown is a private members’ club for high-growth entrepreneurs, offering space for like-minded people to network, entertain and grow in beautiful surroundings. Members benefit from an extensive program of private events that will support entrepreneurs and investors on their journey and enable connections across all sectors and disciplines. Beth will give a presentation on June 11th for an exclusive members event. Home Grown is located in the heart of London’s Marylebone.

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