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Pitch Coaching for Creol

Pitch Coaching for Creol

November 14, 2019 – Pitch Coaching for Creol in Sitges

Beth will coach the Co-Founder and CEO of Creol, Kristian Krogh, and his team, at her beachfront office in Sitges. They first met during a workshop Beth led at Imperial College in London. The purpose of their 3-month coaching program will be to:

  • Get Creol pitch ready
  • Help source suitable investors
  • Make warm introductions
  • Brief the team on how to pitch to each VC / investor
  • Prepare the team for due diligence and materials needed


Creol creates building control systems that allow individual users full climatic controls of their personal space, create verified Green Buildings, and earn money for landlords. They use IoT hardware and software that monitors building systems, and blockchain to create a completely verified system. Tenants who want a green building no longer have to base decisions on reputation and trust. Through their app, users can manage personal comfort levels, energy usage, and carbon footprint, to help better their buildings.

For more information, visit: www.creol.io


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