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Pitch Coaching for IRB Barcelona

Pitch Coaching for IRB Barcelona

May 14-15, 2018 – Pitch Coaching for IRB Barcelona

“I love your questions, you asked me questions about my work that nobody else ever had, and therefore I never even thought of answering before; I saw for the first time how conveying EMOTION rather than just the information is so much more effective; You included a whole range of information about presenting and pitching, without tiring me out…” – Craig Donoghue, Ph.D. Student, IRB Barcelona

Beth’s 2-day Pitch Coaching Intensive helped prepare scientists and researchers to quickly and powerfully pitch to potential investors, clients and partners, and to increase their effectiveness when delivering scientific presentations such as thesis defences.

IRB Barcelona is a world-class research center devoted to understanding fundamental questions about human health and disease. It was founded in October 2005 by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona and is located at the Barcelona Science Park.

For more information, visit: www.irbbarcelona.org

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