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Pitch Coaching for EIT Health UK

Pitch Coaching for EIT Health UK

June 24-26, 2018 – Pitch Coaching for EIT Health UK – Ireland, Liverpool

“We loved having you at the EIT Health UK-Ireland Training for the Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Finalists in Oxford last year and would like to engage you again for the 2018 edition of the training. The exciting bit is that the winners will be able to pitch in front of the attendees of the International Business Festival!”  – Katharina Ladwig, Director, EIT Health (UK-Ireland)

Beth will provide Pitch Coaching preparation for up to two dozen teams from EIT Health UK-Ireland to quickly and powerfully pitch at The International Business Festival in Liverpool, featuring 55 major events; 30,000 industry professionals; and 200 world-class speakers over 9 days in June.

EIT Health works to give EU citizens greater opportunities to enjoy a healthier and active life for longer and to postpone dependency on others, by leveraging big data and new technologies, identifying and removing barriers to innovation, and building on education and talent creation.

For more information, visit: www.internationalbusinessfestival.com

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